Meet Regina Mobley, Realtor®

A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Ms. Mobley graduated from Granby High School in 1979 and went onto complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from Norfolk State University in 1983. Regina started her career in broadcast journalism as an anchor and general assignment reporter with four local radio stations and in 1985 transitioned to television as a reporter for the local CBS affiliate,WTKR-TV. There she spent six years as a beat reporter covering a wide range of issues including crime, courts, and the military – the region’s primary employer and economic foundation. On the crime beat, she covered numerous stories to include the introduction of crack-cocaine to the streets of Hampton Roads. Her stories chronicled the resultant trail of violence and destruction of families and neighborhoods, often representing the voice of concern for her community. On the military beat, Regina was on the team of reporters who covered the 1989 turret explosion on the USS Iowa that killed 47 Navy personnel and received international coverage. In 1991, she transited the Suez Canal on board the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy as it returned from Operation Desert Storm. From the Mediterranean Sea, she met with Navy personnel from various ships in the Kennedy Battle Group who were instrumental in liberating Kuwait from Iraq. In 1996,Ms. Mobley spent more than three weeks in Bosnia and the Adriatic Sea region covering U.S. troops who established zones of separation among warring factions in Bosnia. While there, she covered the heart-breaking story of orphans in Tusla whose parents were brutally murdered during “ethnic cleansing”. Since her transition to the staff of WVEC late in 1992, Ms. Mobley has regularly been in the spotlight as a news anchor and reporter. She has developed a strong following in the Hampton Roads community with a reputation for aggressive coverage of crime and other high-profile stories. Among them are exclusive reports on inappropriate activities by federal investigators that eventually led to the early release of several convicted drug dealers as well as investigative coverage of the disappearance and murder of a visiting college student culminating in the shocking arrest of two prospective Navy SEALs. Other noteworthy career highlights include her March 2011 interview with President Barack Obama,the first-ever of a sitting President by a local news reporter. Not only did she provide coverage for the President to speak on critical issues on education, she also presented perspectives from the political opposition as the President was seeking re-election. Regina also secured the President’s first public statements in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant in Japan. Ms. Mobley set a precedent that will surely be exploited henceforth by other local broadcasters. In the fall of 2017, Regina presented an exclusive story about the disappearance of a young woman who was abducted from a Virginia Beach military installation. The broadcast of her exclusive surveillance video of the suspect in the getaway car was critical in the FBI’s ability to arrest the suspect and charge him with murder. Ms. Mobley has conducted numerous interviews with renowned personage in entertainment, music,gospel, film, and business. She conducted the last interview with her fellow news anchor and friend,Jim Kincaid in 2011 shortly before his death. After working as a correspondent for ABC News,Kincaid signed with WVEC in 1978 and became an icon in Hampton Roads media for the next 28 years. Regina recounts the privilege of all these opportunities as well as her mentorship under a news correspondent renowned for his coverage of the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. Called the “Dinner-Time Diva” by Hampton Roads Magazine, Regina is the recipient of two regional Emmy awards, won gold in the 2012 Hampton Roads Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Best Female TV News Anchor, and was inducted into the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame in early 2014. Regina is a long-standing member of the Board of Managers for the First Tee of Hampton Roads, a junior golf program that teaches children the game of golf and provides mentoring in essential life skills for youth. She sits on the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross, Mid-Atlantic Blood Services Region.  Ms. Mobley now resides in Virginia Beach and is the proud mother of two adult daughters. In 2011,she married Clyde A. Taylor who is also a multiple Emmy Award winner. He currently serves as atechnical producer for Fox and other television organizations that provide live coverage of major sports events. Regina enjoys golf, running, cycling, and swimming. Regina also made headlines in the year 2000 when she shot two holes-in-one within a 24-hour period, won a new car, and achieved official Golf Digest acclaim. According to Golf Digest, the odds of that happening to a rookie golfer are 300 million to one.

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