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904 Clay Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

904 Clay Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

Property Details For 904 Clay Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

Remodeled 3 bedroom 1.5 bath, Ranch style home within a stable community, and close to nearby shopping area. This home features new kitchen furnishes (Fridge, microwave, stove), granite counter tops, new tile floors in the bathroom, new roof, recently updated HVAC and new LVT floors through out the home. Huge backyard, and the seller is contributing $4,000 towards closing costs. You don’t want to miss this deal!


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913 Clay Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

Property Details For 913 Clay Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

Front of property located at 913 Clay Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701
913 Clay Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

What a steal to be in this part of Portsmouth for this price! This all brick home boasts of a new front exterior look and feel. Three spacious bedrooms, an updated bathroom, a new deck, gutters, flood lights and a fully fenced backyard. Plus everything is on one level! Yes, it’s just the ranch style you’ve been looking for. It’ll be hard to find anything else this charming anywhere near! Close to shopping centers, recreation, and much more. Don’t wait; this one won’t last!

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SOLD! 1428 Lincoln Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704 – Land/Lots

Fenced view of land/lots located at 1428 Lincoln Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704
1428 Lincoln Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704

OOPS! This One Is Already SOLD!

There are 4 lots totaling 100X100 (25X100, 25X100, 50X100) starting from the corner. This property is in the 1800 block on the corner of Lincoln st and Atlanta Ave near Centennial Baptist Church (1910 Atlanta Ave).

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[srp_profile lat=”36.8249470653099″ lng=”-76.31350073532732″ address=”1428 Lincoln Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704″ city=”Portsmouth” state=”VA” zip_code=”23704″]

Get Your Home In Selling Shape

Chances are you’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately, and if you’ve been thinking about selling, now might be the perfect time get your home in showing condition. Small improvements can make a big difference when it comes time to list. Be ready to hit the ground running with these tips – most of which can be tackled without a trip to the hardware store


Whether it’s going full-on Marie Kondo or simply clearing out a closet that’s been overflowing with junk, now is a good time to assess what can stay and what can go. Buyers are interested in imagining a space as their own, so the more you can declutter, the better. Bonus points if you can donate any of your belongings.

Clean the Yard

Raking leaves, pulling weeds, trimming trees and shrubs, and adding fresh mulch are all simple and low-cost ways to instantly boost your curb appeal. Buyers who see that a home has been cared for on the outside will have more confidence that it’s been loved all over.


The ROI on a fresh coat of paint is hard to underestimate because it can instantly make the oldest of homes look bright and lively. For the interior, pick a light but neutral shade. Light colors make spaces feel open, and neutral shades make it easier for potential buyers to imagine their own aesthetic. If running out to the paint supplier isn’t an option and you have left-over paint sitting around, take time to touch-up scuffs and stains on your existing paint.

Very clean bathroom, sink, bathtub, dual sinks, towels, shower, mirror

Bathroom Deep Clean

Your bathrooms are spaces in your home where cleanliness is paramount for first impressions. Unfortunately, they’re also the toughest spaces to keep clean. Take this opportunity to do a deep clean of the tub, toilet, vanity, and all of the tile and grout. You’ll need to keep up with a little spot cleaning, but the task will be much more manageable when the time comes to list.

Kitchen Deep Clean

Like the bathroom, you want your kitchen to invite potential buyers – not gross them out. Take time to clean the oven/stovetop, refrigerator, cabinet faces and countertops.

Kitchen cabinets, center island, chairs, ceiling lights, stove, refrigerator, door, pantry.

Update Cabinet Hardware

Replacing dated cabinet hardware in is a cheap and easy way to give a fresh look without the expense and hassle of refinishing or replacing cabinets. The best part? You can order hardware online and have it delivered straight to your door.

Pressure Washer

If you have access to a power-washer, give your outdoor walkways, driveway, patio, fencing, and siding a spray. A power washer can make old surfaces look new again at practically no cost. If you don’t have a power-washer handy, utilize social media to reach out to friends or neighbors about borrowing one (they’re probably stuck at home too, after all).

For more insight on how to boost your home’s appeal and maximize your sale price, call a Realtor at 757-466-1009!

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SOLD! 3 Byers Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

Front of house located at 3 Byers Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701
3 Byers Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

Sorry! We’ve Already SOLD This One!

Super Cute Cape Cod! Years of love and hard work have gone into making this house a home! Everything is new or almost new and in excellent condition! Gorgeous refinished wood floors. Newly renovated kitchen with new appliances. Updated bathrooms, including a nice outdoor shower! Breezeway to surprisingly big garage! Roof less than 1 yr old, new Rheem water heater. Brand new HVAC with Goodman AC installed last month! Electrical hookup for Generator. All plumbing is PVC and was replaced less than 5yrs ago. Privacy Fenced back yard. All conveniently located and move-in ready!

Kitchen of property located at 3 Byers Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

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Den of 3 Byers Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

Property Disclosures

Front of house, driveway, medium tree, large trees, Brick, 2 story, windows, garage, porch, grass, forest.

Yes – You Must Disclose

When the time comes to sell your home, you will be asked to fill out a disclosure statement that will list “material facts” about problems you are aware of regarding the condition and history of your home. Both federal and state laws govern what must be disclosed during a property sale and as the homeowner you must be the person to complete these disclosure forms. By law your real estate agent cannot complete these forms for you.

Sometimes, homeowners are told varying policies regarding disclosures. The general rule of thumb is that you must disclose anything that would:

• Lower the perceived value of the property
• Affect the buyer’s decision to purchase
• Change the price and/or terms the buyer offers

Common disclosures include information about any natural hazards, fire hazards, pollution problems or zoning changes that affect you property. If you feel like you don’t properly understand the disclosure requirements, you should consult a real estate attorney who knows the local disclosure laws.

As you fill out these forms just remember, you should strive to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but make sure you disclose everything that you’d want disclosed to you if you were the buyer. If you don’t know the answer to a question (such as exact age of the roof if you’re not the original owner or the like), answer “Do Not Know.” But not having precise facts about defects you know exist does not permit you to answer “Do Not Know” to every question. This will always raise a red flag.

Painter on a ladder in front of a 2 story house. Railing. Lean-to ladder.

Lead Paint Disclosure – A Federal Law

You may think that lead paint is only a problem for folks buying cheap goods imported from China, or for people living in ancient, dilapidated housing. Not so. As recently as 1977, lead paint was used in homes across the United States.

In order to protect Americans from lead poisoning in the paint, dust and soil in their homes, Congress passed the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, also known as Title X. If your home was built before 1978, you are required to disclose if you know of any lead-based paint hazards on your property. You must also provide a 10-day period, if not waived by the homebuyer, to conduct a paint inspection or risk assessment for lead-based paint hazards.

The home sale contract between you and your buyer will include an attachment regarding the lead-based paint hazards if any exist, and the buyers will be provided with the appropriate EPA-approved information pamphlets on lead-based paint hazards.

Person looking at an iPhone. Jacket. Focus.

Our agents are thoroughly trained on the required disclosures. Call us to find out what disclosures you need at 757-466-1009!

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SOLD! 509 Mount Pleasant Dr, Portsmouth, VA 2370

Whoops! This One Is Already SOLD!

Front of property located at 509 Mount Pleasant Dr, Portsmouth, VA 2370
509 Mount Pleasant Dr, Portsmouth, VA 2370

5 bedrooms 2.5 baths 2569 sq ft elegant 2 story home. Impressive open floor plan, with stunning laminate floors. Football season is upon us & yes….there is an entertainment sanctuary. Fenced in backyard for the dogs to run around. Spacious primary bedroom with full bath. So if you’re thinking about your next home & the next address that you reside, this house will satisfy that curiosity, all you have to do is just step inside.

Living area located at 509 Mount Pleasant Dr, Portsmouth, VA 2370
Living Area

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Kitchen of property located at 509 Mount Pleasant Dr, Portsmouth, VA 2370

There’s Nothing Better Than A Great First Impression

2 story house with stone exterior. Blue sky with clouds. Bushes.

What’s the first thing a potential homebuyer will notice about your house?The great view from the master bedroom? Your beautiful kitchen? If your house’s front exterior is lacking appropriate “curb appeal” it’s unlikely that buyers will even make it through the front door. Your home’s exterior appearance is the first thing people notice.

So whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or are just looking for an easy way to improve your property value, taking small steps to improve your curb appeal can be a simple, worthwhile investment.

Looking from someone else’s shoes

There are lots of ways to add curb appeal to your home and sometimes the list can be overwhelming. First, you might want to try and take a good long look at your house. Stand at the end of the driveway or even across the street. Ask yourself: What would my neighbors notice about my house? What kind of initial impression would a guest have?

You might even want to take a few pictures of your home’s exterior and send them to a friend or relative. They might be able to see things that you wouldn’t.

The most impactful improvements will be the ones made on the most obvious problem areas. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to add ornamental flowers if your lawn is dead. A new door knocker won’t do much if your home needs new paint. Taking a nice long look at your house will make it clear what project you should tackle first.

Kitchen being remodeled. Step ladder, half painted wall. cluttered countertop. Refrigerator. Kitchen window. Tile flooring. Door.

A little elbow grease

Often, the most impactful and cost effective way to improve your home’s curb appeal is simply taking time to clean and touch up the house’s exterior and front landscape.

Here’s a few clean up ideas to help you get your home looking its best:

  1. Powerwash the exterior siding. Make note of areas with peeling or cracking paint.
  2. Clean out your gutters and remove any debris from the roof. If any of your gutters are rusting or bent, have them replaced.
  3. Wash all of your windows on both the outside and inside. Remove any cobwebs.
  4. Rake and remove any dead vegetation. Make sure your walkways are swept.
  5. Keep your lawn mowed. Edge the sidewalks.
  6. Remove weeds or grass from the cracks in your driveway or sidewalk.
  7. Trim trees and bushes. Make sure no branches of exterior plants are
  8. touching your roof or are too close to power lines
  9. Keep lawn and gardening equipment, bikes or other children’s toys
  10. stowed away and out of sight.
  11. Keep garbage and recycling barrels in the garage or otherwise out
  12. of sight.
  13. Repair any broken fencing or any other areas in clear disrepair.
Front of house. Driveway. Landscaping, bushes. Wooden fencing. Stone exterior. Garage door. Steps. Windows. Small trees.

Small details that can make a big difference

If you’re looking to change your home’s curb appeal but you don’t want
to make a big investment, don’t fret. There are lots of small, low-cost ways to add additional charm and character to your home’s exterior and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

The Doorway

Your home’s doorway is one of the first features a homebuyer will look for. It’s important that this area is kept clean and draws positive attention. If replacing a worn out front door isn’t in your budget, consider painting it and updating or polishing the fixtures. You may also want to update your porch lights and add planters around the door way to update and liven the area.


Good lighting is about safety, security and can highlight features at night. , potential homebuyers may drive by your property in the evening. At a minimum, make sure your porch light is both, functioning and is turned on when your home is on the market. Illuminating your walkways or prominent trees are also excellent, low-cost improvements. Today you can find many free standing, solar powered light fixtures that will illuminate your walkway or garden areas. These are a great investment.

New Plants

Adding new plants and flowers to your front yard and porch area can add an appealing and colorful touch to your home. Ready-made planters from your local nursery or home improvement store can also be used to cover up areas where your foundation is exposed. You can also install window boxes with bright colorful flowers to add additional charm to your home’s exterior.

Lady with jacket. Foliage behind her. Sidewalk. Tree trunks. Planters.

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3716 Linnet Lane, Portsmouth, VA 23703

Front of property located at 3716 Linnet Lane, Portsmouth, VA 23703
3716 Linnet Lane, Portsmouth, VA 23703

Property Details For 3716 Linnet Lane, Portsmouth, VA 23703

LOOK NO FURTHER!!! You must see this beautiful cozy all brick ranch in quiet Churchland neighborhood. AC/HVAC unit replaced in 2021. Water heater replaced in 2020. Original hardwood floors throughout. This beautiful 4 bed 1.5 bath has an amazing backyard with a sprinkler system and large shed (both to convey as is. Conveniently located just minutes from Downtown Norfolk and the up and coming Harbourview area. Don’t miss your opportunity! Owner agent.

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