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215 Hough Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23523 ●

Front of property located at 215 Hough Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23523
215 Hough Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23523

Property Details For 215 Hough Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23523

Home starts here! This beautiful 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom has several updates including flooring, stainless steel appliances, and AC unit. Great access to interstate, shopping, schools and downtown. Spacious backyard fenced with shed.

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Brock Thompson Helps Military Clients Achieve Their Goals Of Home Ownership ●

Portrait of Brock Thompson, Realtor®, Exit Realty Central
Brock Thompson, REALTOR®, EXIT Realty Central

One of the greatest joys in a real estate agent’s career is helping our servicemen and women with the purchases and sales of their homes. It’s an honor to serve those who serve our country.

However, this niche does have unique challenges. Many times our military families are asked to purchase a home in an area that they have never visited or know very little about. Often, they are not given a lot of time before they are asked to move to their next assignment.

Because military members often are being transferred from across the country, they usually don’t have the luxury of seeing houses and viewing properties on nights and weekends. Agents must work very hard to communicate with their out-of-town clients via phone calls, email, text, FaceTime and Skype to pinpoint what each buyer is looking for and to provide a long list of potential homes for them to narrow.

One can spend hours previewing homes for his or her clients and then provide them with extra pictures/videos of the properties in which they are interested. This helps the buyers get a better feel of the home than that provided by a general MLS listing. That way, if and when one’s clients are able to fly out to view properties, they can focus on a much more consolidated list of homes that meet the established criteria. The buyers can make their buying decisions with the peace of mind that they are seeing exactly what they want — not wasting time on houses that look good on paper but not in person.

Another Satisfied Military Client with Brock Thompson
Another Satisfied Military Client with Brock Thompson

After a long-distance client has decided on a home and a contract is accepted (usually after they’ve headed back to pack up their current house), it’s the agent’s job to coordinate all the details of the home-buying process. This includes home inspections, repairs before closing and any details that may be more difficult to take care of when one lives 3,000 miles away.

The same care and concern goes for listing a home for our country’s military families.

When the orders come for them to head to their next assignment, we as agents must act quickly to make sure that we get them in the best possible position to sell their home fast and efficiently for a fair market price.

Again, good communication is the key because they may not be here while the house is on the market. Good agents will coordinate and be present at any and all inspections and repair work that needs to be done, see that the landscaping is cared for, and generally attend to the needs of the property in the military member’s absence.

REALTORS® are often the first point of contact for many of our military members when they get stationed here. As REALTORS®, being a local expert is a huge help to those who are coming from out of the area.

Agents for military families do it all from the start to finish, taking care of the details and allowing our servicemen and women to focus on their jobs. This is one small way we can say “thank you” to the brave members of the United States armed forces.

Exit Realty Central
EXIT Realty Central

Brock Thompson is a Realtor with EXIT Realty Central in Norfolk and a member of the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association, the Virginia Association of REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS®. He has won Top Producer and Agent of the Month awards in his office. REALTORS® are real estate agents who adhere to a strict code of ethics and work to protect and preserve private property rights;  Contact Thompson via, by email at or by calling 757-615-6359.

Story Credit goes to The Virginian Pilot Jul 2, 2016

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Career with EXIT Realty’s Cutting-Edge Training Programs! ●

Man, Chalkboard with Mindset training written in chalk.

At EXIT Realty, we are committed to creating the most highly trained and skilled professionals in the real estate industry. We provide the tools for each agent, rookie or veteran, to become thoroughly trained in successful real estate sales and our training is taught by some of the industry’s leading top producers who work exclusively for EXIT. Designed to remove and eliminate the inhibitions and anxieties that have rendered so many salespeople average, EXIT’s MIND-SET Training Programs range from topics such as initiation, finalization and negotiation to personality profiles and strategic planning. No matter what your real estate career level, there’s a training program perfectly suited to your needs. When you join EXIT, you’re making it your business to get the finest and best return on your invested time.

Headshots and names. Angel Tucker, Erica Nasby, Staley Bishop, Kevin Ahearn, Key Yessaad, mike McCarron, Rick O'Neil.
EXIT Mindset Trainers & Coaches

Ready to take your real estate career to the next level? Contact Kimberly at 757-466-1009 to learn more about the industry’s leading MIND-SET Training Programs offered exclusively at EXIT Realty. With the tools and training provided by EXIT, you’ll be equipped to become a highly skilled and successful real estate professional. Don’t wait, call today to start your journey to success!

There’s Nothing Better Than A Great First Impression! ●

2 story house with stone exterior. Blue sky with clouds. Bushes.

The appearance of your home’s exterior is crucial, as it is the first thing that potential homebuyers will notice. A breathtaking view from the master bedroom or a stunning kitchen won’t make a difference if the front exterior of your house lacks appropriate “curb appeal.” This lack of appeal can discourage buyers from even stepping through the front door. Therefore, improving your home’s curb appeal is a simple yet worthwhile investment, whether you plan to sell your property or just want to increase its value.

Looking from someone else’s shoes

To begin the process of enhancing your home’s curb appeal, it’s essential to look at it from someone else’s perspective. You can start by standing at the end of your driveway or even across the street and evaluating what your neighbors and guests would notice about your house. You may even consider taking photos of your home’s exterior and sending them to a friend or relative for additional input. Sometimes, others may notice things that you may have overlooked.

There are numerous ways to add curb appeal to your home, but it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. It’s best to prioritize and focus on the most noticeable problem areas. For instance, it’s pointless to add ornamental flowers if your lawn is dead, or install a new door knocker if your home needs new paint. Thus, it’s essential to take a good long look at your home to determine which project to tackle first.

Kitchen being remodeled. Step ladder, half painted wall. cluttered countertop. Refrigerator. Kitchen window. Tile flooring. Door.

A little elbow grease

Often, the most impactful and cost effective way to improve your home’s curb appeal is simply taking time to clean and touch up the house’s exterior and front landscape.

Here’s a few clean up ideas to help you get your home looking its best:

  1. Powerwash the exterior siding. Make note of areas with peeling or cracking paint.
  2. Clean out your gutters and remove any debris from the roof. If any of your gutters are rusting or bent, have them replaced.
  3. Wash all of your windows on both the outside and inside. Remove any cobwebs.
  4. Rake and remove any dead vegetation. Make sure your walkways are swept.
  5. Keep your lawn mowed. Edge the sidewalks.
  6. Remove weeds or grass from the cracks in your driveway or sidewalk.
  7. Trim trees and bushes. Make sure no branches of exterior plants are
  8. touching your roof or are too close to power lines
  9. Keep lawn and gardening equipment, bikes or other children’s toys
  10. stowed away and out of sight.
  11. Keep garbage and recycling barrels in the garage or otherwise out
  12. of sight.
  13. Repair any broken fencing or any other areas in clear disrepair.
Front of house. Driveway. Landscaping, bushes. Wooden fencing. Stone exterior. Garage door. Steps. Windows. Small trees.

Small details that can make a big difference

If you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank, there’s no need to worry. There are numerous low-cost ways to add charm and character to your home’s exterior and attract potential buyers.

The Doorway

One of the essential features that a homebuyer looks for is the doorway of your home. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep this area clean and attractive to create a positive first impression. If you can’t afford to replace a worn-out front door, consider updating its appearance by painting it and polishing or replacing the fixtures. Additionally, updating your porch lights and placing planters around the doorway can breathe new life into the area and make it more inviting.


Effective lighting can ensure safety and security, and can also highlight attractive features of your home at night. Potential homebuyers may drive by your property in the evening, making it essential to have proper lighting. To begin with, ensure that your porch light is functioning correctly and turned on when your home is on the market. Additionally, illuminating your walkways or prominent trees can significantly improve your home’s appearance and is a cost-effective solution. Nowadays, there are many free-standing, solar-powered light fixtures available in the market that can efficiently illuminate your walkways or garden areas, making them an excellent investment.

New Plants

Introducing new plants and flowers to your front yard and porch area can significantly enhance your home’s appearance with vibrant colors. You can use ready-made planters from your local nursery or home improvement store to cover up any exposed foundation areas. Another effective way to add charm to your home’s exterior is by installing window boxes filled with bright and colorful flowers.

Lady with jacket. Foliage behind her. Sidewalk. Tree trunks. Planters.

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Why Did We Pick The Name EXIT? ●

Exit Logo and Suit guy going through door with Exit Sign above it
Exit Realty: What’s In Our Name?

Exit Realty: What’s In Our Name?

The name “EXIT” is branding genius. Millions and millions of EXIT signs across North America point to the way.
You see EXIT everywhere you go. Think about it…

• EXIT is the most advertised name in the world.
• EXIT signs are always strategically located.
• EXIT signs must be illuminated by law.
• EXIT signs are paid for with other people’s money!
• The word EXIT suggests “safe passage”.
• The Seller is making an “EXIT”.
• Everyone is looking for an EXIT strategy!
• EXIT has a tremendous subliminal effect.
• EXIT is memorable with four letters and two syllables – the real purpose of advertising.

EXIT is illuminated above every corporate door in North America!

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Article by EXIT Realty Corp International

Unlock the Secret to Pricing Your Home Right: Discover the Power of a Comparative Market Analysis! ●

Front of a house at twilight. Wet pavement. Sky. 1 Car Garage, 2 car garage, 3 car garage. Front door. Medium trees. Windows. Vinyl Siding.  stone exterior

A CMA Contains Valuable Information On Recent Sales, Including:

  • How long each property stayed on the market.
  • How close the sale price was to the asking price.
  • Notes comparing each home to yours – number of bedrooms and baths, approximate square footage, sizes of major rooms, amenities such as fireplaces and pools, age of the home, property taxes and more.

To get an estimate of how much you should list your property for, you can request a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). A CMA is an informal estimate of market value, based on sales of comparable properties in your area. It generally takes into account various aspects of your home, including size, features, and annual costs. Reviewing comparable homes that have sold within the past year, along with the listing or asking price on current homes for sale, should help you determine a fair sale price for your property.

CMAs can include homes that are currently for sale and those which have recently sold. They can cover areas as narrow as one or two streets surrounding your home, or as broad as an entire subdivision.

The CMA is an informative tool, but like any tool, it doesn’t work by itself. For this reason, the CMA will always need to be interpreted by a professional.

Remember, too, that Comparative Market Analysis is also used as a buying tool; real estate agents will typically share CMA reports with their clients as they consider buying homes in an area or neighborhood. Just as you can use the CMA to ask the highest possible price for your home, buyers can use it to roughly determine if your home is being listed at a fair market value.

Wood block house, stacks of quarters, blur, focus, foliage in the background.

Price It Right

When it comes time to sell your home, pricing it correctly is essential. Overpricing can be a costly mistake that discourages buyers and ultimately slows down the selling process. Buyers will compare your home to others in the same price range, and an overpriced property can make them view other homes as a better value. This can result in fewer potential buyers, causing your home to sit on the market longer. The longer your home is on the market, the more likely buyers are to think there’s something wrong with it!

Avoid the “price high then drop” strategy, which can make buyers believe that there are flaws in the home or that you are desperate to sell. If you accept a bid at an inflated price, your buyer may face financing issues because an overpriced home will not appraise for the selling price.

To avoid these issues, consult with a real estate professional who can help you determine the true market value based on a comparative market analysis. Working with your professional, you can price your home correctly and create a strategic marketing plan that generates excitement from the beginning.

Hand and wrist coming in from the left. Hand and wrist comin in from the right holding a small house. Protection.

Sellers: Protect Yourself And Your Home

To ensure your safety and security, it’s important not to allow unescorted strangers into your home during the selling process. Legitimate buyers will typically work with a real estate agent and schedule an appointment to view your property. Additionally, it’s wise to secure any valuable items in a safe location before hosting an open house, as it can be challenging to keep track of everyone who enters your home.

Male with a suit on. Tie. Water scene. City in the background. Buildings. Skyscrapers.

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GONE! 2743 Ballentine Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23509 ●

Property Details For 2743 Ballentine Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23509
2743 Ballentine Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23509

OOPS! This One Is Already GONE!

This renovated colonial style home is just the home you’ve been looking for. From outside to inside, new roof (2021), newer HVAC (2021). All new flooring with new carpet upstairs & laminate flooring downstairs (2022). New stainless appliances to be installed for the latest style. Fresh paint throughout the entire home. Enjoy your own back yard, with a covered back porch. Garage sold as-is. Drive into the private driveway for your parking convenience. Nearby interstate hwy 258 and 64.

Receive a custom evaluation for your home, including comparisons to other homes that have recently sold or are on the market. This guarantees you receive the most accurate information available. To find out what your home is worth, click HERE!

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Meet Cynthia Garrett, REALTOR® ●

Portrait of Cynthia Garrett. Realtor®
Cynthia Garrett. Realtor®

Cynthia Garrett believes that the greatest gift she can give her clients is a smooth transaction that results from communication. Working in the field of special education for 30 years has prepared her to be a great listener and problem solver.  She worked in real estate while simultaneously teaching and has put her full effort into real estate since retirement. 

 Cynthia realizes that in a real estate transaction, teamwork is a must.  She is able to work with other agents, mortgage officers, lawyers, title companies, inspectors, contractors, and clients.

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 Cynthia is able to  exhibit patience with clients and other professionals.

 Cynthia holds a bachelor of science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, a master of science degree from Old Dominion University, a Certificate of Completion from Alpha School of Real Estate and is a Certified Military Residential Specialist.  Cynthia has been a licensed real estate agent for over 20 years, and is experienced in the process of buying and selling real estate from beginning to end.   As a native of Hampton Roads, her real estate business is tremendously enhanced by her knowledge of the area.

 When not busy with real estate, Cynthia enjoys being active in the community.  She volunteers with several nonprofit organizations and actively participates in church activities.  She has one adult child, Amber, who is an Opera Singer.  Cynthia enjoys traveling to see her perform across the country.  Even between real estate deals, Cynthia also enjoys viewing properties.

Exit Realty Central Logo
Exit Realty Central

 Cynthia would like to thank you for giving her the opportunity to serve you.  The next step is to give her a call at (757)237-5326.  You may also email her at She is looking forward to hearing from you.

To get started, call Cynthia at 757-237-5326!